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Social Media Marketing

In Social Media Marketing, we use social media platforms to connect with the right audience to build a brand, increase sales, and drive traffic on your website. Social Media Marketing includes publishing great content on social platforms, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your outputs, and managing social media advertising.  The main social media platforms with a larger audience are  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat. SEO CBD is one of the leading Social Media Marketing companies based in Dubai and has been offering its wide range of Social Media Marketing Services in the UAE and other GCC countries for years. Identifying and targeting the right audience on social media is not an easy task. The wrong audience selection can cause you loss of budget, reputation, and time. We have a team of highly experienced Social Media Professionals who can run your campaigns effectively and give a big boost to your business.

We Work on Different Social Media Channels

LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin is the world’s largest professional networking site and very useful to generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness. We have a team of social media professionals who can help you to connect your brand with the world’s largest audience of active, influential professionals.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter with over 313 million monthly active users has one of the largest social media audiences. As a Social Media Marketing Agency, we have proven experience in twitter marketing. We can perform twitter advertising for your business that will lead to more new customers.

Instagram Marketing

There are one billion active monthly users on Instagram but the engagement rate is higher than both Facebook and Twitter.  Instagram reveals that 60% of users discover new products on plateform and 75% of Instagram users take action after looking for a post on Instagram.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook as one of the oldest social media platforms and has the largest audience, can be a good source for your new customers. Facebook has all types of audience that you need. We offer you a high-quality Facebook Marketing service at very affordable prices.

Pinterest Marketing

You can build your brand awareness early on Pinterest by connecting its 250 million users. 98% of Pinners take action on new things found on the platform and 71% on other social media platforms. SEO CBD is committed to grow your business and bring more customers by using Pinterest.