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SEO Audit

An SEO Audit is a process of analyzing a website and its performance on the internet. Before starting the SEO for a website, we have to analyze the website and find out the issues and areas where need to be worked hard. The main purpose of SEO Audit is to complete a health checkup of a website and find out the concerns affecting SEO performance.

The SEO Audit provides information about:

  • Technical issues on the website
  • Website structure and design issues
  • User-friendly issues
  • Competitive marketplace presence
  • Website loading speed issues
  • Website content issues
  • Website accessibility and security issues

SEO Audit report should be comprehensive for a business owner and also should be actionable. All the issues should be well-defined and recommendations should be made for each issue. The accuracy of the given information to the business owner must be 100 percent.

CBD SEO Services

CBD SEO Services is a Dubai based SEO Company that provides a wide range of SEO Services to your website at an affordable price. We also offer a free SEO Audit Service for your website. After the SEO Audit has been completed, you can visit our office and we will give you a presentation that will be based on your website issues and recommendations. The process of Website Audit and recommendations will be completely free of cost. If you would like to take my SEO Services, you can choose an SEO Package according your budget. Our professional team is completely dedicated to working with you to achieve your goals.