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Pinterest Marketing Agency in Dubai

Along with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram, a business should also find another social platform to maximize the benefit of Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing doesn’t end only with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram. There are few other powerful social media platform those you can use for your business. Pinterest, a visual bookmarking and discovery engine. With its 100 million monthly active users and represented by 70% of women, Pinterest has a big potential for marketers and businesses.

Pinterest was launched in 2010 is a social networking platform for both the mobile app and website users. It works as your photo album where you can post or “pin” images on the internet by creating “pinboards” or “bords”. Pinterest provides completely free services for an individual account as well as for a business account. It also provides the analytics feature in the business account.

Benefits of Using Pinterest

You can attract U.S. Women Customers

Pinterest enjoys a tag of being the most women-skewed social media platform in the world. According to a study in 2014, approximately 70% of Pinteresters are women. According to another report, 71% of women are U.S. based.

Engagement is easier with users

However, Pinterest is much smaller than Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram but the engagement rate of Pinterest is stronger. Its users are more eager and active to take certain actions and share products, plans, and their stories.

Purchasing Ability

Pinterest has ability to reduce the number of stages in the final conversion. Pinteresters convert into leads and sales more faster than any other social media platform. This characteristic and ability of Pinterest make it stand out from the other social media platforms.

Promote your business locally

Pinterest offers special types of pins called Place Pins that allows marketers to target the right geographic location and can post extra business information such as phone numbers and addresses.

If you want to use Pinterest for your business, you are in the right place. We CBD SEO Services offer you a wide range of social media marketing services including Pinterest Marketing at very affordable prices. We are a leading Dubai based Pinterest Marketing Agency that has a long and proven Pinterest marketing experience. We are ready to utilize our experience and skills for your business.